Caddy Policy/Pace of Play Policy


Players ages 8 and under are required to have a caddie during all CJGT events.  To request an exemption to this policy, contact the Tour Director at least one day before the event for approval.

No player may have more than one caddie at a time. Caddies are encouraged not to emphasize winning, get too involved or “over-coach.” A caddie may NOT assist in any way during the swing or make official rulings. Any violation by the caddie will be resolved as a penalty against the player.

It is the caddie’s duty to help the player hit each shot within a reasonable period of time.  The player shall play without undue delay, which is defined as taking no more than 45 seconds to play a shot.  If a player takes more than 45 seconds, he or she may be subject to a penalty.  First offense: warning, second offense: two stroke penalty, subsequent offenses: score of 8 on that hole.  All penalties will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director or rules official.  The 45-second rule is put into place to prevent over-coaching and slow play.

Caddie Cart Rental:   Caddies may rent a cart during CJGT events at their own expense based on availability if carts are allowed by the host facility. All caddie carts must remain on cart path at all times-No Exceptions. Players are not allowed to drive carts, ride in carts or have clubs in a cart during play. EXCEPTION:  Caddies for players ages 8 & under may keep the player’s clubs in the cart during play, and may cart the player between green and the next tee only. Cart usage by a caddie must not delay a player from playing the next shot in a reasonable amount of time.

Caddie Related Rules

1) In “making a stroke,” a player shall not allow his caddie to position himself on or close to an extension of the line of play or the line of putt behind the ball.  A caddie may position himself in this manner before the player commits to beginning his swing but must move away once the player is set to begin his swing.  Failure to do so will result in a two-stroke penalty.

2) When a player’s ball is on the putting green, the player or his caddie may before, but not during, the stroke, point out a line for putting, but in doing so the putting green shall not be touched.  No mark shall be placed anywhere to indicate a line for putting.  Violation of this rule will result in a two-stroke penalty.

3) A Caddie is one who carries or handles a player’s clubs during play and otherwise assists him in accordance with the rules.  A player may only have one caddie at any given time.  A caddie may be replaced or eliminated at any time by the player.  No other person may offer advice or help to a player other than his caddie.

Always remember that a rules violation by the caddie is the same as if the player violated the rule.

A caddie must be aware of the rules and assist his player in accordance with the rules.



Each player must play without undue delay, which is defined as taking no more than 45 seconds to play a shot. Caddies are asked to please refrain from over-coaching the player. It is the caddie’s duty to help the player hit each shot within a reasonable period of time. Play “READY GOLF” and walk quickly.

A group will be deemed to be out of position on the golf course when they are over time par. Time par is determined by each hole taking an average of 15 minutes to complete a hole and/or by staying up with the group in front. When it is determined that a group is out of position on the golf course the group will be warned and asked to speed up play. If the group does not get back into position, any player in that group who does not play their stroke within 45 seconds when it is their turn will get a warning.  A second warning will incur a one-stroke penalty.  Subsequent warnings will incur a two-stroke penalty for each occurrence not to exceed the maximum of an 8 on each hole in question. The 45-second rule is in place to assure playing without “undue delay” and to prevent over coaching and slow play.

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