Tour Champion Honors


The player with the highest total of accumulated points for that calendar year’s tour in his or her division will be named Tour Champion in that division.  To be eligible to be named Tour Champion in any division, members MUST play in the Tour Championship for that tour year and have played in a minimum of 6 CJGT events total (to include the Tour Championship) for that tour year.   TOUR CHAMPIONS IN ALL DIVISIONS WILL EARN AN INVITATION TO PLAY THE HURRICANE TOUR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN ORLANDO,FLORIDA IN DECEMBER OF THE SAME YEAR.

CJGT will name Tour Champion Runners-Up in all divisions.  Runners-Up must also meet the requirements of having played a minimum of 5 regular season events and the Tour Championship.   Points will not carry over between age divisions or from one year to another. All players will begin each Tour year at zero points.

   National Championship  


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