Divisions and Yardages

Boys Divisions

Age Yards        Tees Holes            
8 & Under 1500-1800 CJGT Yellow 9
9 – 11 2300-2600 Course Forward 9
12 – 15 2600-2900 Course 9



Girls Divisions

Age Yards        Tees Holes            
8 & Under 1000-1300 CJGT Pink 9
9 – 11 1500-1800 CJGT Yellow 9
12 – 15 2300-2600 Course Forward 9


The division played for the tour is based on the participant’s age as of June 15th of the tour year.

The above yardages are a guideline for regular season events.  CJGT reserves the right to amend these yardages within 5% based on the topography of the course.   Yardages for the Tour Championship will be longer and vary based on the course.  The Boys 9-11, Boys 12-15, and Girls 12-15 Age Divisions will play 18 holes in the Tour Championship.

A player can choose to play “up” in a specific division.  Once a player plays “up” in a division, they cannot go back to a younger division.  Should a player choose to change divisions during a tour season, they will forfeit the points accrued in their original division, and will start at zero in the new division.

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